Success Stories in the News

Not everybody missed this oversight. For some easy insight into the solution and some stories on how it all works check out the news below.

Emergency Workers Know their Masks

Fighfighter, paramedics, and EMTs have been using reusable elastomeric masks for COVID19 because they were using the masks more durable with superior protection PRIOR to the pandemic. (LINK)

Idled Industrial Facilities source of PPE

Industrial facilities are full of Personal Protective Equipment. Masks used by industry often exceed the N95 rating and could provide an instant stock pile for healthcare workers. (LINK)

p100 put into service in PITTSBURGH

The  Allegheny Health Network  has teamed up with safety equipment manufacturer MSA to fit healthcare workers with reusable P100 masks. Solving the need for N95 masks (LINK)

Canadian Miners see the issue

Nicolas Smit, former executive on the Board of the Canadian Institute of Miners is working with MP Carol Hughes to engage Minister of Health Patty Hajdu to #CorrectTheOversight on P100 and other non-N95 masks. (LINK)

USA Today tried to #CorrectTheOversight

This is a great overview of the entire issue of what the problem is and the oversight. Early April Donovan Slack and Dinah Voyles Pulver of the USA Today (LINK)

Absurd Firings for wearing Masks

Even the widely recognized N95 mask is getting healthcare workers fired in order to protect image. Masks protect both the worker and the patient. Providing a safe work place for those in the trenches and reducing transmission rates among the public. (LINK)

"not typically used in healthcare settings, they are now"

Twin-filter and reusable P100 masks increase worker protection over the N95 and reduce the burden on N95 suppliers by covering 19,000 health care workers. (LINK)