The Oversight



Core Problem

Core Problem

Put simply N95 is one of the lowest ratings of NOISH (CDC) certified masks. Unfortunately this became a keyword that became very popular and sidestepped the actual need of medical professionals and those in charge to know what these ratings mean.


Core Problem

Core Problem

Core Problem

N,P,R rated masks and systems 95% efficient or above are all valid protection for the healthcare providers. Many types of these masks are sitting around waiting to be used and most are designed specifically to be reusable, the opposite of an N95


Our Mission

Core Problem

Our Mission

To educate businesses, politicians, health care providers, leaders, and others about this untapped reserve of PPE sitting in warehouses, manufacturers, factories, and other industrial and research facilities globally. 

The Very Basics of Filters

I don't like research, Put it in a single sentence

ANY properly fitted and operated mask certified by the NIOSH (CDC-America) starting with N, P, or R followed by a number between 95-100 (eg. N95, R97, P100, P95, N100, Etc.) are valid protection against COVID19. (CDC-Full Guidance)

N, R, P

A resistance rating to oils when in use. N-no resistance (single use every time), R-Resistant to oil (8 hours use with oil), and P-Oil Proof (40hours or 1 month filter)


The number following the resistance rating is an efficiency indicator. 95%, 99% and 100 (99.97%) are the most common with higher efficiency being more common outside of basic healthcare. Sometimes efficiencies between N, P, or R 96-99 are seen, all work on viruses.


 N95 masks were not to be reused. Out of desperation a process utilizing hydrogen peroxide vapor can be used while maintaining the efficiency 5-10 times. Many higher quality systems utilize elastomeric masks and are designed for cleaning, reuse, and filter replacement in mind.  


This inventory of functioning masks meeting the requirements of this pandemic are available NOW. These masks can be found everywhere; chemical handling facilities, mechanics, construction, research facilities, farmers and more utilize and stock N 96-100 and R-P 95-100  masks as common use items. Most industry, other than healthcare, operates requiring the superior P-100  standard. They MUST become part of the global conversation on COVID19. This website does not feature the resources to locate or donate these masks. Part of the reason this website exits is to expand the existing systems focused solely on N95 to accommodate all appropriate masks through public education.


Since the inception of the #Correct The Oversight campaign the CDC has now issued extensive guidance on usage of reusable Elastomeric masks in healthcare. One of the most overlooked resources. OSHA also has had extensive mask guidance for healthcare. Both are available on our Guidance Page